Undo plugin and theme updates with WP Rollback

WordPress themes and plugins often go through testing phases that aim to identify bugs or compatibility issues before new versions are released. This is to prevent updates to themes and plugins from breaking a website or causing unintended side effects.

Sometimes that just can’t be avoided, and the plugin or theme you just updated messed things up. Luckily all is not lost, and both themes and plugins can be rolled back to a previous version.

WP Rollback

WP Rollback is a plugin that I’ve had to use on several occasions to fix websites after a plugin needed to be reverted to a previous version. This was due to a conflict or error of some kind.

WP Rollback plugin

Without this plugin, reverting to a previous version requires deactivating and deleting the problem version, then downloading and uploading a previous version. WP Rollback makes the process faster and for novice users much easier.

Caution: Before undoing an update or reverting to a prior version of a theme or plugin, back up your website. WP Rollback has a disclaimer stating it makes no guarantees a rollback will work on your site and it is not responsible for any data loss or downtime.

After installing and activating the plugin, go to either your plugins or themes section depending on what needs to be rolled back.

To rollback a plugin simply go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and click Rollback under the plugin name.

undo plug updates

From here you can select the version you want to restore. Your current version will also be listed.

plugin rollback update undo

The process is similar to undo theme updates. Go to Appearance > Themes then hover over a theme and click Theme Details. In the bottom corner click Rollback.

theme rollback update undo
theme rollback

That’s all it takes to go back to an older version of themes or plugins. Now all you have to do is wait for a new update to fix the broken update or find a new plugin to fit your needs.

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