Send comment emails to multiple addresses in WordPress

Depending on the setup of your WordPress website you may need WordPress to send comment notification emails to multiple user accounts on your site. This is especially true of websites with various decision makers or admins.

Who gets comment emails?

By default, WordPress sends email notifications regarding comments to the site admin (not users with the administrator role) and the author of the post on which a comment is left.

The site admin has the option of getting emails when anyone posts a comment and when a comment is held for moderation.

If multiple people need to be in control of comment moderation, only sending emails to the admin and post author becomes a problem.

Add users to comment notification emails

I use cbnet Multi Author Comment Notification to send emails to multiple addresses when a comment is made or held for moderation

At the time of this post, the plugin hasn’t been updated in some time. Installing outdated plugins can be a potential security risk. That said, I’ve never had an issue with this plugin or security issues related to it.

The plugin is straightforward to use and setup. After installing and activating the plugin, there are two different ways to have multiple users get those comment emails.

The first option is to go to Users > All Users. Next, select a user and scroll toward the bottom of their settings. Find Comment Email Notification and check the box the says “Receive email notification of comments to all posts, regardless of post author.” Repeat this for every user that needs comment moderation/notification emails.

receive comments emails regardless of author

The second way is by going to Settings > Discussion. Look near the bottom for “cbnet Multi-Author Notification Settings“.

At this point, there are options to send emails based on user role. Such as, send notifications to all administrators, editors, authors, contributors or subscribers. Additionally, there is a field to enter multiple email addresses. Options to send notification emails from registered users and for comments held for moderation can also be found there.

multiple email address comment notification settings

That’s all there is to it. It’s an easy to use plugin to solve the problem of sending comment emails to more than just the site admin or post author.

Do you use a different plugin to send comment emails? Let me know in the comments.

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