How to easily install WordPress themes and plugins

One of the first things you will likely do after creating your WordPress website is to change the theme and add some plugins. These will greatly change the look and functionality of your website. Installation is easy but can be intimidating if you are new to WordPress What are themes and plugins Themes control the … Read more

ThemeGrill Colormag theme modifications

Colormag is a great news/magazine style theme for WordPress. As of this post, it has over 100,000 active installs. The free version is loaded with features and functionality so its easy to see why so many people use it. Although it isn’t installed on this website I do use it on two community news websites. … Read more

Why is my WordPress theme completely different after updating it?

Maybe you have experienced this before – WordPress tells you your theme has an update and you update it only to discover your theme looks completely different than it did before the update. I don’t mean little differences in layout or color scheme. I mean completely different like it has a new layout, design, and … Read more

Why is WordPress adding extra characters to my link URLs?

Recently I was trying to create a link from one page to a specific subheading on another page, called an anchor link. The goal was to link half way down the page to a certain topic instead of the top a page, the way links usually work. When I tested the link numbers, letters and … Read more

WordPress .htaccess guide

The .htaccess file is a configuration file for the Apache web server. It can be used to accomplish many things for a WordPress website. For instance, by adding rules to the file you can block certain IP addresses, force your website to use HTTPS, enable caching, compress the contents of your website for increased speed … Read more

17 websites you didn’t know you could build with WordPress

WordPress can be used to create so much more than just blogs or simple websites. Although a majority of sites built on the platform are just that, it is capable of being the basis for all kinds of complex and unique websites. WordPress is really a canvas for creating practically whatever kind of website you … Read more

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