Make money from WordPress with Google Opinion Rewards surveys

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a little extra money from your WordPress website?

By adding Google Opinion Rewards surveys to WordPress you can get paid when visitors fill out surveys on your site.

Implementing these surveys can be a good way to diversify the income stream of a website or to monetize a website in a less conventional way.

What is Opinion Rewards

Opinion Rewards is a program from Google that is similar to a paywall (called a surveywall) by requiring users to fill out a short survey before accessing your content. Information on blog posts or pages is hidden until a survey is completed or skipped.

opinion rewards survey

Visitors can choose to skip the survey if they don’t want to answer the questions. If they choose to skip, your content appears just as if they had completed the survey.

Completing or skipping the survey gives visitors access to your content for 1-30 days before showing another survey. You set the number of days before another survey is displayed.

When implementing Opinion Rewards on a website you can choose to add the “surveywall” to all pages and posts or just select ones. This is for what ever you deem your protected/premium content.

One thing to note: You don’t build the surveys. These are not questions that you create. They come from market researchers looking to gather information from Google Surveys.

Researchers pay to create surveys via Google Surveys and they are displayed on websites running the Opinion Rewards program.

You can create your own survey to gather audience insights for your website. These are called house surveys. You won’t be paid when visitors fill these out though. They are just to gather data from your viewers for your own purposes.

How much can you earn?

That’s probably the first thing you want to know when talking about making money with your website. Well in this case it depends on several factors.

  • The amount of traffic the website gets.
  • The number of people that fill out the survey.
  • The number of questions in the survey.

If someone skips the survey you don’t get any money.

I maintain a community news website that gets 125,000 page views a month and Opinion Rewards pays anywhere from $5 – $25 per day. On high traffic days it has paid $50 but that isn’t too common.

That isn’t a lot of money by itself but combined with AdSense it can be a decent income.

Ultimately how much you earn depends on the total number of survey questions answered. If most visitors are filling out all the questions asked the payment from Google will be much higher.

Signing up for Opinion Rewards

Before adding Opinion Rewards to your website you need an AdSense account and must meet Google’s AdSense requirements.

Most websites will be accepted to Adsense as long as they have a reasonable amount of original content. Google needs to judge what the site is about and determine if it meets AdSense requirements. More content makes this easier for them.

If your website has at least 10 posts with moderate length (800+ words) and contains useful information for visitors, getting accepted should be no problem.

Once you have been accepted to AdSense you can sign up for Google Opinion Rewards.

Add Opinion Rewards to your website

After signing up and getting accepted to the Google Opinion Rewards program you will need to add a couple things to your website to get it up and running with the surveys.

  1. Add Javascript code to your website
  2. Wrap your content in <div> tags

There is a plugin that handles all of this for you called Google Consumer Surveys but it hasn’t been updated in 5 years or tested with the last 3 major releases of WordPress. If you aren’t comfortable editing theme files and want an easy solution this is an option. I have used this plugin and it works great. With that said, using outdated plugins is potentially risky due to possible vulnerabilities in the code. Use it at your own risk.

google consumer surveys

First, login to the Opinion Rewards dashboard and find Code Instructions. There you will find the code to add to your site. This is listed as #1 in the Code Instructions.

opinion rewards publisher settings

Adding the Javascript code can be done with a plugin or by manually editing a themes file.

For beginners, using a plugin is the safer way to go. Manually editing your theme files can be dangerous if you are unsure of what you are doing. A mistake here can stop your site from working.

Additionally, the changes made to those files will also be lost if you update or change your theme, requiring you to add the script again. When using a plugin to insert a script, that’s not the case. The code will stay there regardless of theme updates or changes.

Using a plugin to insert the script

Adding the script can be done with the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. It allows you to add scripts to the <head> section or above the closing </body> tag (footer) of your website. In this case we want to add the code to the footer.

insert headers and footers

Add the script to the footer of your website using the plugin. Within your WordPress dashboard go to Settings > Insert Headers and Footers. Paste the code into the section that says Scripts in Footer and save.

insert scripts head footer

Manually edit theme files (footer.php) to insert the script

If you prefer to add the code manually without the use of a plugin follow the instructions below.

Within our WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Theme Editor. On the left side scroll down until you find Theme Footer (footer.php). This file controls the footer of your website and is where we want to place the code.

Near the bottom of this file look for a closing body tag (</body>). Paste the code provided by Google right above that tag. Click Update File.

Wrapping your content with special <div> tags

Next, whatever posts or pages to be hidden by the surveywall need to be wrapped in the <div> tags supplied by Google. This is listed as #2 in the Code Instructions provided by Google.

opinion rewards publisher settings

To add the tags to your content you will need to edit two theme files. One for posts and another for pages. This will add the surveys to all pages and posts.

To add Opinion Rewards to posts go to Appearance > Theme Editor. On the left side scroll down to Single Post (single.php). Inside this file you will need to find the line that contains get_header(); ?> and another below it with <?php get_sidebar();. Everything between those tags will need to be wrapped in the <div> tags supplied by Google.

Be sure not to place get_header(); ?> or <?php get_sidebar(); inside the tags.

You will need to put everything between get_header(); ?> and
<?php get_sidebar(); inside the section that says

To add the surveys to pages go to Appearance > Theme Editor. On the left side scroll down to Single Page (page.php). Repeat the above steps.

Once you have added the script and placed the tags around your content Google will will display unpaid test surveys for 7-10 days. After this your site will start displaying paid surveys and you can start making money.

Final thoughts

While there are multiple ways to monetize a WordPress website, Google Opinion rewards is one of the less talked about options. You might not earn as much money from them as you can with ads but its still a valid option to consider when looking to make money online.

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