What To Do If Your WordPress Website Gets Hacked

Due to the platform’s popularity with new web site owners, WordPress is a frequent target for hackers. Those new to operating a website don’t always know the best security practices. Various exploits in old versions of the popular blogging software also mean that hackers can gain access to your site without jumping through many hoops. … Read more

Undo plugin and theme updates with WP Rollback

WordPress themes and plugins often go through testing phases that aim to identify bugs or compatibility issues before new versions are released. This is to prevent updates to themes and plugins from breaking a website or causing unintended side effects. Sometimes that just can’t be avoided, and the plugin or theme you just updated messed … Read more

Send comment emails to multiple addresses in WordPress

add user emails to wordpress comment notifications

Depending on the setup of your WordPress website you may need WordPress to send comment notification emails to multiple user accounts on your site. This is especially true of websites with various decision makers or admins. Who gets comment emails? By default, WordPress sends email notifications regarding comments to the site admin (not users with … Read more

How to override WordPress post author names

I was working on a website ahwile back and needed to be able to change the author that WordPress displayed on certain posts. As it stands, the user that creates a post will be listed as the author of the post with their byline displayed at the top. What if you want to change that … Read more

Make money from WordPress with Google Opinion Rewards surveys

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a little extra money from your WordPress website? By adding Google Opinion Rewards surveys to WordPress you can get paid when visitors fill out surveys on your site. Implementing these surveys can be a good way to diversify the income stream of a website or to monetize a website … Read more

WordPress User Roles Explained: How to Modify Them and Create New Ones

WordPress has six user roles to choose from to assign to users. These roles are used to define the capabilities each user has. They determine who can moderate comments, create posts, delete posts, change themes, install plugins, add new users and any other action available to perform on a WordPress website. Every available task on … Read more

Setting the default Facebook image in WordPress with Yoast

Sharing posts from WordPress to Facebook is pretty easy. There are dozens of social sharing plugins that make the process quick and painless. Sometimes the image used when sharing a post can cause problems though. When you share a post from WordPress that has a featured image Facebook uses that as the image for its … Read more

A Guide to WordPress Accessibility: Making your website usable for everyone

When building a website, accessibility may not be something that stands out as a required feature. But having an accessible WordPress website allows a users with a disability to access information like anyone else would. Further, by being inaccessible you may be turning away potential users. What is Accessibility? Website Accessibility is the ability for … Read more

7 Important Reasons to Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) With WordPress

A content delivery network (CDN) is a smart investment that can help your WordPress website succeed in several ways. Also known as a content distribution network, a CDN is a special type of web hosting service that serves stored copies of your site’s static files – JavaScript, CSS, images, videos, fonts, etc. — using a … Read more

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